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Kitchenaid Food Grinder Stand Mixer Attachment

This Kitchenaid Attachment for the stand mixer lets you hearts of sausage kitchen aid mixers easily, it also provides a ground beef blade and an onion blade to mix dry and wet ingredients. The Attachment also includes an onion spear gun that helps make top-notch diced onions every time you make a mix.

Food Meat Grinder & Prep Slicer & Juicer Attachment For KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Food Meat Grinder & Prep

By Unbranded


Brand New !! KitchenAid FGA-2 Food Meat Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixer

Brand New !! KitchenAid FGA-2

By KitchenAid


Stand Mixer Meat Grinder

The Kitchenaid Food Grinder is an outstanding addition to your kitchen! It offers a new Attachment system that makes it basic to get your Food ground and through the necessary steps to make food, this makes it a top-of-the-heap addition for your Food production needs. This Kitchenaid fga Food Grinder Attachment for stand mixers is a fantastic surrogate to get the work in the kitchen done right, this Attachment provides an easy-to-use blade that is in close proximity to the food. The is fabricated from heavy-grip plastic and makes it basic to get the job done, the blade is sharp and able to cleanly and quickly mix food. The Attachment also extends a-clamp technology that ensures even distribution of Food while you're mixing, this Attachment for the Kitchenaid stand mixer allows you to easily and quickly grind up Food or meat. The Attachment includes a long blade and a short blade, making it effortless to get the right product for the job, the long blade is for example, to grind large amount of Food or sausage. The short blade is for example, to grind of Food or meat, this Kitchenaid stand mixer Attachment for Food Grinder is dandy for grinding your food. The Attachment offers a variety of angles that can be used to your food, the attached Grinder is also threading system top-of-the-line for maintaining control over the mixer.