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Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer

This Sunbeam Mixmaster 12 speed stand mixer is a terrific substitute to improve your music production skills, with 12 different types to choose from, as well as accessories like a low-speed switch and a pre-mixer, new replacement Sunbeam Mixmaster models stand mixer is top-grade for any audio production needs.

Glass Mixing Bowls 4 Quart & 2 Quart - 2 Pcs Euc

Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer Glass

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Model 2372 Beaters

Paddle Attachment For Sunbeam Stand Mixer

This paddle attachment for the Sunbeam Mixmaster 2360 12 speed stand mixer is an exceptional surrogate for suitors who desire to adopt the stand mixer as a mix stand, the attachment allows the mixer to be used as a mix stand with the bowl turned upside down so that the ingredients are facing the user. The bowl can also be turned to the side wherever using it as a mix stand, the attachment as well nice for suitors who desiderate to handle the mixer as an attachment for a track and dry barbeque. This Sunbeam stand mixer is a must-have for any volt-up kitchen, it's tools are updated with a modern look and feel. The mixers are topped with recipes books, making preventing tools, and more, the mixers also come with two food choppers that let you cook your favourite foods at home. This stand mixer is from the 1950 s and is manufactured out of plastic and blue, it extends a Sunbeam color and is manufactured for mix masters. It offers an 12 speed settings and is manufactured from heavy rubber disk mixers, the vintage Sunbeam stand mixer is a classic that renders seen better days. It's attractively simple with a white stand and bowl set top like a true classic mixer, these matching bowl sets add a touch of elegance to each stand mixer. The Mixmaster presents a well-defined consol and beater bars, as well as a few spindles and mixers on the consol, the mixman's bowl set is again well-defined and fun to look at. It's a first-rate alternative to add a touch of luxury to your stand mixer arsenal.